Crest Ventures

Dogwood State Bank was instrumental in the continued success of Crest Ventures. Everyone I worked with has been great. Hunter was always on top of things. He was available late in the day, early in the morning, and always followed up. I am sure I will be working with Hunter again in the foreseeable future. I would absolutely recommend Hunter and Dogwood State Bank to other small business owners.

Client Profile

Crest Ventures, or Altus Cloud Technologies, provides IT consulting, government technology modernization, and cloud computing services to both commercial and federal clients. They specialize in helping organizations transition from Legacy systems to safe, secure and compliant SaaS systems. With safety and efficiency in mind, Altus Cloud Technologies architects scalable advanced systems for their clients. Located in Leesburg, Virginia, near Washington, DC, Altus Cloud Technologies provides consulting services to businesses and federal clients nationwide.

Loan Profile

Roshan Bhandari, owner of Altus Cloud Technologies, began his career in engineering, working for many years as a software engineer. Through this experience, he discovered a large opportunity to provide IT services for companies to modernize their IT systems and processes and decided to start an IT consulting business of his own. In order to finance the business venture, Roshan decided to pursue an SBA Loan. Together with Business Lending Specialist, Hunter Ruiz, Roshan was able to secure an SBA 7(a) Loan for the startup IT company, along with the capital needed to grow. Attracted to the SBA Program for the detailed guidelines it offered and support provided for new businesses, Roshan was able to get his startup off the ground through the unique opportunity the SBA Program offered.

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