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Shirley was a fierce advocate for me. She helped me analyze every step of the way. She was honest with me and didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. She came down and visited my stores and offered operational recommendations that I believe contributed to setting records at that store. She became a very valuable part of the team. Without hesitation, I would recommend Shirley, and of course, Dogwood.

Client Profile

Every Day People Group, a holding company, is the culmination of a journey focusing on people: the people who work there, the people they serve, and the people in their community. Through their coffee shop (Apotheos Coffee) and their bakery (Gabriel’s), Every Day People Group has created a business model that focuses beyond profit and on the community they serve. Whether it’s offering full benefits for employees or the most incredible craft products for their customers, business owner Dale Hughes’ has created an environment where people focus on people and what they have in common. With home bases in Marietta and downtown Kennesaw, Every Day People Group continues to expand across the state of Georgia.

Loan Profile

From a military family, Dale grew up all over the United States. He spent the first 25 years of his career as a lawyer, then moved into the corporate world where he garnered skills investing in businesses. This led to the opportunity to start Every Day People Group in 2012. As Apotheos Coffee expanded across metro Atlanta, Dale was approached by a big-box chain interested in opening his coffee shop in 6 of their locations. To finance the project, Dale needed a program that would accept his future projections, which he found in the SBA Program. After exploring options with a few different lenders, Dale was eventually referred to Business Lending Specialist, Shirley Polanco. Together, they were able to secure an SBA 7(a) loan for the business expansion, with an adjusting interest rate.

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